Purpose Statement Institute for a Hebraic Perspective

The objective of the Institute is to creatively bring people into a life journey of a Hebraic Perspective. I frequently hear of individuals who have studied something for ‘years’ and then are putting that out there for others. I have been on this journey of a Hebraic Perspective and studying this for over 45 years. I’m still learning and still having ‘aha’ moments where everything shifts. So, I am sharing with you what I have learned in hopes that this will enrich your life as it has enriched my life. At the Institute for a Hebraic Perspective we discuss and study together, it is our hope and intention to share this journey with you.

The Institute is focused on examining the Bible within a Hebraic framework. We understand this as being different from the usual western paradigm which we label ‘the Other Culture’ in contrast to a Hebraic Perspective. From this standpoint, the Bible needs to be de-constructed from the Other Culture. Abraham and Sarah are examples, symbols, and leaders for us in this cross-cultural trek, as they were the first to leave the Other Culture and embrace a Hebraic Perspective. They were boundary breakers. We immerse ourselves in the Mikra—Hebrew Bible, and its message as a foundation for understanding Judaism and Christianity, from which a Hebraic Perspective emerges. We focus on the early years of Christianity, understanding it within a Jewish matrix.

In our classes we embrace Rabbinics—the Teaching of the Sages, seeking a unique, organic, and wholistic approach. To enter a Hebraic Perspective is a cultural experience that moves us from static to dynamic, from linear to interconnected, from defined simplicity to complex multiplicity, from a dichotomy of upper story–heavenly and lower story–earthly to a composite unity, from an intellectual, factual approach to hegeing—purposeful chanting, thus embracing a new awareness through a Hebraic Perspective.

Our objective of facilitating people’s entry into a life journey of a Hebraic Perspective is reached through many avenues which are ever-changing and expanding. We meet in small class–discussion groups, draw on the canonical materials of nascent Christianity and Judaism, to sculpt more effective relationships with people and with God: encouraging the development of an Awe of God, and a higher view of people as beings created in the image of God. We foster open, trusting, and caring relationships with God and one another through discussion rather than dogma. Pursuing a dynamic Hebraic Perspective, we encourage hegeing, with a focus on the 13 Middot—attributes of God in Exodus 34:6-7 as an epicenter. We teach multiplicity within the Mikra, to further an understanding within both Judaism and nascent Christianity. The Institute for a Hebraic Perspective welcomes anyone who has the discipline and motivation to enter a lifestyle of worship through study and discussion.

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