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Introductory Hebrew class taught by David Wharton

Many who study their Bible realize that in order to get to the next level, it is necessary to learn some Hebrew. This Hebrew class has two objectives. First, an introduction to the Hebrew Alphabet, learning pronunciation and the vowel points. For us westerners the Hebrew Alphabet is a cross cultural experience within itself. Secondly, an introduction to a Hebraic Perspective, that is, entering the Hebraic cultural world with its thought patterns and intriguing world view. Most introductions to Biblical Hebrew focus only on the details of the language: morphology, grammar and syntax, some of which will be covered. But this unique class will be inductive, learning the Alphabet from a verse and learning about a Hebraic Perspective in the process. Each time we will focus on a specific verse, learning the Alphabet and discovering a Hebraic Perspective in the process, the Biblical world of Hebrew. Recognizing that to most of us the Bible has been presented as a western book, missing the cultural nuances that support its relevance, this class will re-frame the Bible as a Hebraic book with different thought patterns that will be discovered while learning the language. The benefits of immersing oneself in Biblical Hebrew will be encountered in this small group since enrollment is limited.

This introductory class meets on Tuesday evenings for 3 months, starting January 7, 2020.

Cost: $150.00 fee is collected on the third class. Limited scholarships may be available.

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